Bring A Smile
To Families

Glorybound helps the families of people
struggling with substance abuse

Glorybound partners with local Christian treatment centers, churches, businesses, and volunteers to offer services and programs to committed, yet struggling families.

Special Message:
From Pastor David Meyer

"Facing the Unknown"

Request for help
From Dave Clutter

Unprecedented issues face our world and have a unique impact on ministries like Glorybound.

From Latasha Green

This is what Family Recovery looks like!

Don't for get to support Glorybound while doing your Christmas shopping this year:

The voices of a million angels
could not express our gratitude!

(The following quotes were made by the Glorybound women.)

"Glorybound has helped me with my walk as a Christian."


"Glorybound taught me how to fight for my family, in the midst of the storm."


"Glorybound has tremendously blessed my family and our walks with the Lord have been strengthened immensely."


"God has used Glorybound mightily in my life.  I have received His grace, learned lessons and have been blessed."


"Glorybound has helped me realize that I am accepted for whom I am, not who others think I should be."


"Glorybound has helped me believe in healing, wholeness & restoration."



In trying times, we give God glory!  In the face of fear & desperation, we give God glory! No matter what the circumstances or the situation we will continue to give our God glory!  He is worthy to be praised! Glory Hallelujah!

As we observe our world, we see evidence of the enemy everywhere. Covid-19 is running rampant. Substance abuse is uncontrollable. It has attacked household after household. It has infiltrated our society and is the vehicle the devil is using to cause death and destruction in our families. He is not prejudice and will entrap anyone he can get his hooks into. Red and yellow, black and white, NO ONE is precious in his sight and we are losing this battle. Right now, there are endless treatment programs out there for the addict. We are seeing everything from Christian & secular programs to inner city & rural programs to state-funded public programs to private luxury spas for celebrities & the very rich. Everything from 30 day to 60 day to 120 days to 3 months to 6 months to 12 months? What about the family? Though not the addict, they are equally affected by the addiction. The only thing worse than being a drug addict is loving a drug addict...Were it not for Glorybound, these kinds of families would be left by the wayside to fend for themselves, feeling hopeless & alone. But Glorybound. . ., has been a beacon of light for these families and has attempted to direct them toward the transforming power of the cross.

For 24 years, we have fought this fight and we have not given up. The battle is ongoing

We are grateful to you for your faithful prayers & support over the years. As we have been challenged on all sides, you have held up our arms. But we don’t fight alone.  As we battle on the front lines, you have anointed our wounds. God sent you to bless our efforts and you have responded in obedience. 

The voices of a million angels could not express our gratitude. . .

Yes, we have been challenged., but in the midst of trials and tribulations, we walk by faith and not by sight, believing God all the way!  He has promised never to leave us or forsake us and that is true. You have proven that you won’t leave us either. Thank you for traveling on the journey with us. Your faithfulness to the families of Glorybound has blessed us exceedingly and abundantly, far above that which we could ask or think. You are special to us. We need you to survive.

Friday Night Programs

6:00 pm: Family Dinner provided by local churches
7:00 pm Children’s Programming & Adult Bible Study

The children’s program includes age-appropriate activities and the Bible study topics include Christian marriage, prayer, leadership, parenting, and family issues.

Where we meet:
Revive Church | 7849 West Broadway | Brooklyn Park, MN 55445


"I would like to take a minute to express my gratitude for Ms Sharon and everyone else that plays a role in Glorybound. I went through Glorybound in 2011 and my life has been forever changed because of Glorybound Ministries. What I was taught in the time I went there has  changed my life and I am so blessed to have a relationship with God. I would never be where I am today if it wasn't for this ministry. I will never be able to repay Ms Sharon and this ministry for what they gave me. I owe my life to this ministry. To some they may be small but to me they were a life saver and that was HUGE in my life. I have a special place in my heart for this ministry and for God. Thank You. AMEN."

-Terry Welter

Other Services

Referral and Resource Network

A network of Christians provide goods, funds, and services to Glorybound families.

Fellowship Groups

From golf tournaments to tent revivals, Glorybound hosts events to celebrate and share the Gospel while raising awareness and support. All events point families to a new, drug-free lifestyle.

Glorybound Videos


Glorybound is a family restoration center that ministers directly to families of men and women in treatment programs who are struggling through the ravages of drug and alcohol abuse.

We are a non-profit organization and you can read more on our Guidestar page.


During and after the treatment program, Glorybound offers accountability and helps meet the family’s physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. Our goal is complete restoration of the family unity by using Christian faith-based social services.


Glorybound relies on the generous support from individuals that believe in the power of God to heal families. You can join with us and support the ministry by becoming a monthly donor, giving a one time gift or by participating in our annual golf tournament fundraiser. If you are a church of have your own business consider becoming one of our partners.

About GloryBound


Our Story

The process of recovery is a family affair. In 1991 my husband John Thomas began treatment at Teen Challenge and through that process was delivered from eighteen years of addiction to heroin, crack and alcohol. While he had found healing, I was still hurting and was not prepared for the “changed” man. I was dealing with health issues and still harbored anger, frustration, and resentment and I was not adjusting well to my husband’s life change.

It wasn’t until we spent time apart when John came to Minnesota for work that God was able to begin to deal with my issues. He gave me hope and a promise of healing and I soon followed my husband to Minnesota. God followed through on his promise and through 9 surgeries I was healed.

John and I started Glorybound in 1997 to minister directly to families of men and women in treatment programs who are struggling through the ravages of drug and alcohol abuse. John passed away in July, 2006 due to complications related to diabetes.

I have continued to passionately fight for families in recovery. My experience with prison, drugs, and poverty allow me to relate in an incarnational way to the families at Glorybound. Today along with my sister Diane who leads the Glorybound children’s ministry, we offer accountability and help meet the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of families in recovery.

Board Members

Terry Francis

Sue Natysin

Cecily Martinez

Joseph Bulmer

Sharon Thomas

Tonya Heard

Joe Lash

A Statement from our Executive Director

Sharon Thomas

regarding covid-19

"In light of national precautions for Coronavirus (COVID-19), as well as the heightened awareness and public concerns regarding the spread of the virus, we want to assure you that the public health and safety of our guests & supporters are our highest priorities.

"Our prayers are with every individual and family who have been impacted by this current health concern, for The Lord to bring peace, healing and wisdom during this difficult time.

"Thank you for supporting this ministry year after year. We continue to be available for this important work because of you. We hope you will continue your support to us through generously donating.

"Once again, thank you for your ongoing support and love. In these confusing days of uncertainty, your ongoing donations will be important for us moving forward. This ministry has existed for 23 years because of your continued faithfulness to Glorybound Families. We need you to survive.”

It is our sincere hope that you will Please Prayerfully Consider Making a Special Donation at this time.

As you are able, your support will sustain vital programs serving Families in Recovery during this period of unexpected financial impact.

Phone Number


Mailing Address

P.O. Box 2535, Maple Grove, MN 55311


Executive Director: Sharon Thomas
[email protected]

Coordinator of Children Ministries: Diane Baker
[email protected]

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